Discover the new collection

The oversized volumes take shape in the rich and vibrant shades of gold and quicksilver, in an explosion of energy that recalls the vintage disco-glam of the golden decade, with its crazy nights at the legendary Studio 54 in NY.
Completely made by Italian craftsmen and 18k gold plated, the jewels Federica Tosi are the perfect accessory for the cosmopolitan woman who loves to live her life and herself in all its facets.
The new chockers are the statement pieces of the collection. With their elegant gold or silver links, they wrap and underline the neck, giving the look a touch of distinction and refinement.
Elegance that combines with research into detail and clean lines.

Rediscovery of the beauty and glories of a time that was and that returns today with a new sap and a new look, respectful and grateful for the past and open to the future with love and hope.

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